Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I'm not talking about cramming for a test or cramming things into a space. I'm talking about bogus charges from third party companies that could be added to your phone bill without your knowledge. If you think you're immune to this think again. My research has shown that all major cell phone companies fall prey to this. In addition, your home phone may be vulnerable as well. I'll give you my personal experience with this in hopes that you will be aware of this and act to prevent it before it begins.
My wife got a text message a month ago which she treated as spam. It came from a source unknown to her and she ignored it. A few weeks ago she got the same text again. She found it strange that she had gotten another text like the one before. It thanked her for renewing her subscription to a certain ring tone service by the name of ringaza.com. The problem was that my wife never subscribed to this so we had no idea why or how they got her cell number. I checked my bill and sure enough I had been billed last month and this month. I called Sprint, my provider, and told them about it. They were very good, gave me a credit for the $9.95 I had been billed for this month, and I was told that I would be blocked from all 3rd party charges on all the phones on this account. What this does in essence is that you are unable to voluntarily or involuntarily buy ring tones, wallpapers, etc or be billed by 3rd party services like jabber.com or ringaza.com. This might be something to look at as a preventative measure from having this scam befall you.
I have been reading several message board online and it is pretty popular. Imagine the money rolling in every month at $9.95 per person scammed.
If you want more information on cramming and what to do, go to http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/edu/pubs/consumer/products/pro18.shtm
Remember to always look over your phone bill. Hidden charges add up in time and the longer you wait the more money you lose.

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