Friday, September 12, 2008

Ike: The calm before the storm

These pictures were taken from my backyard in the Woodlands this evening at approximately 7:40 PM. It's a beautiful sunset even as IKE was still barreling towards Galveston, Texas.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Prison Break Season 4 Premiere

** S P O I L E R S A H E A D **

Prison Break seasons 1 to 3 in 3 minutes give or take

I have to say, this episode was excellent. A lot of loose ends were tied up very quickly in the first hour. In brief here is a summary of what happened. Michael found out that Sara was alive and that Whistler and Mahone were working together against Gretchen. Gretchen was neutralized by Penrab (The Company's latest assassin) as was Whistler. Sucre and Bellick made it back to the US. Lincoln was caught in Panama after killing someone that the Company sent to kill him. T-Bag made it out of Panama with a Mexican friend but got jacked in Mexico far from the US Border by the very Coyotes (smugglers) that were taking them to the US. His traveling companion ended up being dinner (you'll have to watch the episode for that one). Meanwhile Penrab is tying up all loose ends, killing Mahone's wife and kid, torturing some people for information, and looking for Michael and Lincoln to kill them. A new threat has emerged. Scylla - the Company's little black book. The gang has a new task courtesy of FBI agent Don Self; retrieve Scylla and in turn their sentences will be pardoned and the Company will be no more. Easier said than done but that is the plot for this season. The gang consists of Michael, Lincoln, Sucre, Bellick, Sara, and Mahone. They are joined by Roland, a hacker working off his prison sentence as well. By the end of the 2 hour premiere we learned that Scylla is broken into six pieces. They have one piece and still have to find the other five. T-Bag found a locker where Whistler had some documents and a key. Penrab has Gretchen locked up somewhere while T-Bag heads off to L.A. via bus.
That is about it. Next week we hope to find out what those documents mean, Penrab's latest kills, and how the gang will find their next target.